A Simpler Way to Simplify IT

Most IT pros are so busy asking “what now” they don’t have time to imagine What if. We’d like to change that.

  • What if Windows apps and desktops could be assigned to people, not devices?
  • What if you could provide access to a new user in seconds instead of hours or days?
  • What if you could approve, and securely manage, more personal devices for work?

That’s where we come in. Plan B Technologies can help make these What ifs a reality by implementing the most powerful, easy-to-manage IT solutions ever created by Citrix. With these tools in place, you’ll not only save time, you’ll be able to take credit for increased productivity and decreased IT costs. In fact, with the help of Plan B Technologies and Citrix, you’ll have the means to get beyond day-to-day problems and start focusing on tomorrow’s solutions.

Is it Time For Your Annual Citrix Tune Up?

As the only Citrix Platinum Partner certified in all 4 specialization areas on the East Coast, we’ve got you covered.mobile web apps