IT Solutions for Credit Unions

You deserve to work with a partner who has an 18+ year history of experience and success designing and implementing IT solutions for Credit Unions across the United States. Partnering with Plan B Technologies, Inc. (PBT) will allow you to focus on what matters most – your employees and members. PBT has a team of experienced engineers who are closely aligned with leading IT manufacturers to improve financial workflows and help facilitate the efforts at your branch offices, ATMs, headquarters and mobile users including in the areas of:

NCUA Audit Solutions

Identify critical and sensitive data, provide solutions to safeguard member data and identify internal and external threats. Whether your credit union needs to accommodate or adapt to changes in IT without sacrificing security, member privacy, regulatory compliance or manageability, Plan B Technologies, Inc. can help.

Mobility & Mobile Banking

Deliver seamless, secure, instant access to member and employee information as you and your members roam across branch locations, devices, and networks.

Virtual Desktop & Applications

Allow your staff to access records quickly, from any location, securely and reliably. Access apps and desktops anywhere, at any time.

Data Management

Securely manage vast amounts of member data; use and share it enterprise-wide. Scalable storage can effectively manage and deliver volumes of customer data as you continue to grow.

Security, Backup & Compliance

Enable nondisruptive operations. Keep financial and member data secure with the proper use of networks, encryption and authentication while demonstrating compliance for Sarbanes-Oxley, FFIEC, and more.