Plan B Technologies, Inc., a CDI Company, offers network security management that delivers high-performance and reliable connectivity to all of our clients so they can connect real-time applications and services to users in branch and regional offices, central sites, and data centers. Sharing accurate and up-to-date information with multiple users across your network is critical for achieving maximum effectiveness. Plan B Tech aligns itself with the top security and networking companies in the business. We are a Cisco Premier Partner, Juniper Select Partner, and a Riverbed Premier Plus Partner.

High-Performance Networking Solutions

  • Routing
  • Switching
  • Monitoring

Enterprise Network Security

Secure your network from every angle:

  • External entry attempts
  • Internal insecure practices
  • Vulnerable applications and network infrastructure

Network Security Protection

Protect your network from security breaches before they occur. In addition to traditional defenses like firewalls and intrusion detection systems, Plan B Tech’s network security solutions monitor for signs of an incoming attack.

Network Security Compliance

Plan B Tech can fully automate network security compliance to ensure the least impact on productivity. Through data archiving and security, financial data can be properly stored following SOX security compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley) and SEC regulations. For healthcare related data, patient information can be automatically encrypted and secured following HIPAA network security rules.

Identity and Access Management

We have the ability to make the most robust identity and access management systems as effortless as possible for users. Biometric authentication, single sign-on and RFID systems, for example, ensure that people can only access files they are supposed to, with minimal inconvenience.

Our network security management solutions are always specifically customized for your organization’s needs. We go the extra mile to implement secure networks that utilize the industry’s most advanced systems to ensure your business is secure when it matters most.

Looking to tighten up your organization’s network security? Call PBT at (301) 860-1006  or fill out a contact form here.

Case Study: Cisco at Chesapeake Church

When Chesapeake Church needed scalable infrastructure to meet the needs of its growing congregation, Plan B Tech and Avnet delivered the Cisco solution that improved wireless connectivity and provided key insight into the IT environment. As this modern church continued to embrace technology, it was able to host more people in different functions throughout the week and successfully launch a new mobile application.

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