Big data, analytics, cloud, business intelligence, real-time, predictive analytics . . .  There’s a lot of “buzz” around data these days and for good reason: you can strike operational gold with the right tools (or get swept away by the competitors if you fall behind).

That’s why Plan B Technologies, Inc., a CDI Company, is dedicated to creating enterprise data management solutions to help data-intensive business environments conquer the challenge of expanding storage. Every new technology, strategy, or process raises data management challenges, and Plan B Tech can help to minimize complexity and optimize the way information is managed throughout its life cycle to get maximum value from your information assets.

Based just outside of the Washington, DC, metro area, we work with organizations nationwide in a variety of verticals that include law firms, healthcare facilities, financial institutions and more. No matter your vertical, our goal remains the same, to create a data management strategy that ensures your technology infrastructure meets your company’s business objectives.

Whether you’re battling big data, exploring hyper-convergence, or need a full disaster recovery solution, we will work with you to develop a strategic approach that simplifies complex decisions and helps you implement enterprise data management solutions in the areas of:

Archiving & eDiscovery

  • Automate the storage of email and unstructured data, reduce backup windows, improve responsiveness to legal discovery, and manage information growth in accordance with your IT policies.
  • Improve insight into your data to turn your file services into an asset instead of a data repository.

Backup & Recovery

  • Backup and de-duplicate your business’s critical data to maximizing operational effectiveness and minimize downtime.
  • Properly prepare for and recover from the effects of equipment failure or accidental loss of data.
  • Implement HIPAA compliant backups that keep your organization up to date on the latest regulatory standards.


  • Evolve your infrastructure to a next generation data center.
  • Maximize your investment and decrease admin overhead.
  • Prepare for cloud integration and  consumption.
  • Improve performance and cut data management costs through automation and optimization.

When you have large amounts of sensitive data, you don’t want to wait until it’s compromised to take action. Speak with an enterprise data management solutions expert at Plan B Tech to learn how you can protect your organization’s data before it’s too late.

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